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Metal Casting

  Metal Components
Metal Components
Metal Components Detail :
We manufacture the following items currently :  Brass Cable Glands of types A2, A2F, BW, CW, CX, E1W, E1WF, ALCO-CCG etc. 

Alumunium Cable Glands.

Brass and Steel Back Nuts for Brass Cable Glands and other uses in sizes of M20, M25, M32, M40, M50, M63 & M75, dully Zinc Plated.

Brass Elbows 90° type and 45° type from M16 to M60 including "PG" type German threads. Bolted Lugs and Bi metal Lugs dully friction welded.

Die casting components out of Zinc/Aluminium on Hot Chamber/Cold Chamber Die Casting machine ranging from 5gms. to 500gms. with suitable platting finish.

Various machined and threaded parts on single Spindle Automatic Lathes, sliding head Autos and even on CNC Machines.

All above items are manufactured strictly as per material specification given on drawing and machined to required tolerances as per drawing.

Necessary confirmatory Certificates for raw material and other specifications if required can be submitted along with supplies of material.

All these components will be inspected as per International Standards of BS 6001 or ISO-2859 - 1:1989(E)

We can also undertake manufacturing components for Diesel Engines and Automotive field to OEM's (original equipment manufacturer) standard and specifications.
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