Grounding Clamps

                Brass Grounding Clamps

  Galvanized Steel Earth Rods
  Earthing Grounding Rods
  Square Clamps   Brass Gun Metal Earth Clamps
  Galvanized Steel Earth Rods
 Driving Spike : Steel to BS970, Grade 070M20
 Associated fittings i.e. Brass Bronze ground earth  grounding Gun metals castings cast Clamps ,  Couplers, Bronze, Gun metals fittings parts  components casting parts.


  Square Clamps
 Material : 1Copper Alloy 
Application Used for forming straight through, Tee and Cross joints.
 Size : Used for various marine applications.
 Imperial  : 5/8" x 1/8", 3/4" x 1/8", 1" x 1/8", 1-1/2" x 1/5", 2" x 1/4" 
  Earthing Grounding Rods
  Size : 16 mm to 32 mm
  Application :

While not manufactured to a specific standard, are accepted by many contractors and uses as satisfactory method of securing flexible cables.


 Brass Gun Metal Earth Clamps
  Size : Length as per customer specifications.
  Application : Used with SWA, plastic and rubber sheathed cables.
Used indoor conditions inner ring frames positive armour clamp an earth continuity.
Material is brass and nickel plated.








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